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Revisiting 'Not What I Expected' with Avremi Zippel on Tuesday's Access Utah

Avremi Zippel
Fedd Books

Trigger Warning: This episode may be triggering for some and may not be suitable for all ages.
Avremi Zippel always knew his life would be different, with a commitment to follow in his father's footsteps and serve as the Rabbi in Salt Lake City, he knew his life would defy stereotypes. However, nothing could prepare him for the truly unexpected twists and turns reality had in store. We revisit our interview with Zippel on todays Access Utah.
Not What I Expected tells the story of a young adult coming to terms with the decade of childhood sexual abuse experienced at the hands of the family caregiver and the decision to pursue a path of healing and embark on a perilous journey of seeking justice… It is a tale of faith, of hope, of belief―both in oneself and in something larger than self. It's a reminder that you can learn to find your voice when you commit to listening to yourself. Ultimately, it's a reminder that the most powerful and fulfilling life you can live is often the one you aren't expecting...
In December of 2013, Avremi Zippel was ordained at the Rabbinical College of America in Morristown, NJ. After his marriage in January of 2014, Avremi and his wife, Sheina, moved to Utah to serve the Jewish community of Salt Lake City. Avremi and Sheina currently reside in Utah with their three children. In February of 2019, Avremi came forward and spoke publicly for the first time about the decade of sexual abuse he’d endured at the hands of a childhood caretaker. Since coming forward publicly, Avremi has been an advocate for survivors, working hard to combat sexual abuse in communities around the world. Avremi has lectured in cities across the nation and around the world, speaking out to bring awareness and healing to the religious communities he cares so deeply about. In his debut work, Rabbi Avremi Zippel tells his story with bravery and candor, giving hope to survivors and working towards a future free from the horrors of abuse.

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