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UnDisciplined: what makes these berries blue?

Forest & Kim Star
Plants of Hawaii

Here's some food for thought. The next time you're in the produce section of the grocery store, look around at the colors of the fruits that surround you. The tubs of blueberries are one of the few foods that are actually – well – blue! We don't know why blue fruits are so rare, but an exciting new paper has documented the biology and evolutionary history behind blue food, revealing the complex ways that plants have evolved their distinctive colors.

Miranda Sinott-Armstrong received her PhD at Yale University before studying at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. She's now a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Colorado in Boulder.

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Nalini climbs tall trees to study rainforest canopy ecology. She worked with Mattel to create a Nalini-lookalike “TreeTop Barbie” to inspire girls to study whatever they are curious about!