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Wild About Utah: dandelion power

A field of dandelions features a floating head with dandelions superimposed over the eyes and forehead.
Patrick Kelly

Morning for the spring dandelion is gentle and calm

The world is no longer a struggle but instead a serendipitous balm

Your yellow buds open upon you, sneaking between others some pink, some white

More colors even still in the waxing new day’s light


There is no better time for the dandelion than when spring has sprung

The leaves are fresh green and so is the fresh dung

Birds do sing high up in the stretching yawning trees

Staking their turf, edges, and new nesting eaves


Spring when sprung well sizzles with waking signs

Of kin abloom drawn with straight growing lines

One end towards sun, the other down towards the deep

Until some roots build taps, and others go on the creep


The days are now joyous choruses of neighbor raucous crocuses

Avian acrobats whirling spinning diving like ferocious locusts

Shades of toothed green batten down the laden earth

Soaking and drinking and filling to fullest milky girth


And as the sun sets on each new spring day

I am reminded of the new presence by the heat that stays

Radiating, glowing, even after the moon has shown

Continuing the journey of growth and what has grown


It is amazing to think that each year the world mends

Its browns in all hues to life in all bends

From sails to seeds to germ and blossom

Dandelion life is both humble and awesome


So this spring when sprung look out your window or door

Remember that life gives always life more and more

If in doubt, don’t wait: be like the dandelion flower

Thriving in cracks and interrupting silly lawns with unrelenting blissful dandelion power


I'm Patrick Kelly, and I'm Wild About Utah

Photo credit: Patrick Kelly

Sound credit: Kevin Colver