Cache County

A través de un esfuerzo colaborativo con la Universidad Estatal de Utah, el Equipo de Recolección de Cache tiene como objetivo reducir el desperdicio de alimentos y la inseguridad alimentaria al recolectar el exceso de productos agrícolas de propietarios de árboles y huertos alrededor de Cache Valley.

Through a collaborative effort with Utah State University, The Cache Gleaning Team aims at reducing food waste and food insecurity by collecting excess produce from tree owners and orchards around Cache Valley.

Emma Feuz

The music was loud and fans were even louder as Alex Boyé performed at the Ignite The Light concert at the Cache County Fairgrounds on September 30th.

Emma Feuz

Cache County planners are in the final stages of updating the General Plan, and they are asking citizens for their input on what they want to see happen in the valley in the next twenty years. 

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Cache Valley is the cheese capital of Utah.  In efforts to celebrate this, Cache Valley held the first annual cheese and dairy festival on Saturday. I had the opportunity to talk with some leaders in the industry while attending the festival.

El gobernador de Utah, Spencer Cox, visitó el condado de Cache el lunes para reunirse con una variedad de fabricantes, empresas y organizaciones de la zona. Entre esas visitas, Cox se detuvo en el centro de refugiados e inmigrantes del condado.

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox visited Cache County on Monday to meet with a variety of manufacturers, businesses, and organizations in the area. Among those visits, Cox stopped at the county’s refugee and immigrant center.

Each year, cities and towns across Utah hold Truth in Taxation hearings. These hearings are mandated by state law and provide an opportunity for residents to respond to increasing property taxes.

The year 2020 marked multiple significant anniversaries for voting rights in the United States and the Cache Celebration of Women’s Suffrage Committee was formed by community members who wanted to honor these events.

In Cache County, the RAPZ and Restaurant Tax is a 0.1% sales tax that is used to support things like community arts and recreation. While the pandemic had many negative financial consequences,  since people kept supporting local restaurants the fund didn’t suffer. 

Three polling stations with citizens voting, spread out in the Cache County Event Center
Mia Fairbanks

Though thousands of ballots were cast by mail, voters in Cache County still lined up at the single polling station on Tuesday to make their voices heard.

Over nearly four decades, the Cache Valley Cruise-In has grown to be one of the largest car shows in the state. This year, almost all of the event has been canceled because of coronavirus, except for the parade down Logan’s Main Street.

Cache Valley Transit District board members have decided to reduce bus service and place several drivers on administrative leave.

Beginning Monday, April 6, CVTD will limit the number of routes to help reduce the spread of  COVID-19, according to Todd Beutler, CEO of the Cache Valley Transit District.

First Confirmed Coronavirus Case in Box Elder County

Mar 17, 2020


The Bear River Health Department announced today that Box Elder County has it’s first confirmed case of COVID-19. The details of this case are still being investigated but do appear to be the result of exposure to a known case in Salt Lake County. 

A role of "I voted stickers" laid out over a letter board with the words "voting day" written on it.

As Super Tuesday approaches, unaffiliated voters in Utah will need to make a decision soon if they want to receive a ballot by mail.

Logan City Council Passed Plastic Bag Ban

Dec 4, 2019
Kat Webb / UPR

According to Issa Hamud, Logan City’s environmental director, 60-70% of the plastic waste in Cache County comes from Logan City. This was one of the biggest motivators for Councilmember Herm Olsen’s proposed single-use plastic ban for Logan. 

Cache County Property Values, Tax Increase

Nov 27, 2019
Kat Webb / UPR

The Cache County Council listened to public concern Tuesday after announcing a potential 10% increase in property taxes. Chair Kyle Ward said the changes are due to the increasing market value of properties, not because of changes to the tax rate, but it is still considered a tax increase as the dollar-amount paid is going up.

A gate blocks entry to the Upper Canal towpath between North Logan and Hyde Park.
Courtesy: Cache County

Advocates for active transportation say more urban trails are one of the best solutions to air quality and transportation issues. And soon, local governments may have another, bigger tool to create such trails.  

Creed Clayton - USFWS / Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

I went to a horse pasture in Mendon, on the hunt for the rare Ute Ladies' Tresses orchid. The pasture is the only documented place it occurs in Cache County.

A gate blocks entry to the Upper Canal towpath between North Logan and Hyde Park.
Courtesy: Cache County

Joggers and bikers who use the bridle path along the Upper Canal linking North Logan and Hyde Park were met with a surprise last month: fences, gates and no trespassing signs. 

art_es_anna / Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

Earlier this month the city of Logan announced that it was only able to recycle #1 and #2 plastics. For some, this is unfortunate, especially because so many people in Logan like recycling.

UtahStizzle / Wikimedia

Logan business owners worry a ban on plastic bags will push their customers to purchase goods in the nearby communities of Providence and North Logan.  But Logan City councilmember Herm Olsen thinks the ban could appeal to certain consumers.

Recycle Utah


Like most large cities, Logan has a program where residents are automatically enrolled in curbside services. This includes the familiar black trash bins as well as the blue recycling ones. 

Matilyn Mortensen

Cache County residents and officials met for a public meeting on wheels Tuesday morning. The community bike ride was an opportunity to discuss ways to improve bike routes in the county.

Cache County Sheriff Dept.

A K-9 partner with the Cache County Sheriff’s Office has died. This is the second local K-9 officer to have died in less than a year. The officer’s name was Storm, a 2-year-old Malinois who joined the sheriffs’ K-9 team last year, around the time another K-9 team member, Endy, passed away.

Sign that says Voting with an arrow hanging on blue brick wall
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Cache County mail-in voting is delayed because primary election ballots didn’t arrive on time. As of Tuesday, 90 percent of the ballots are either at the post office or out for delivery.

Cache County shoppers will pay more sales tax to fund transportation

Officials in a northern Utah county have adopted a one-quarter of 1 percent tax increase to fund transportation projects.

The Cache County Council voted Tuesday to approve the tax increase, which will raise the sales tax in Logan from 6.6 percent to 6.85 percent.

County Health Rankings / University of Wisconsin and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

This is the ninth county health rankings report by the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Each year the two organizations pool data from different sources to look at how where we live affects our health. 

Cache County School District

A letter from the superintendent was sent out to employees, parents and students of the Cache County School District on Friday.  It addressed the recent school shooting in Florida and what the district is doing to increase safety.


Valuable paintings by Utah and Wyoming artists displayed throughout schools in the Logan School District could be sold next week.