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Stand-Together Vigil at Logan Islamic Center

Muslim supporters at the Logan Islamic Center

An estimated 150 people gathered at the Logan Islamic Center today to show their love and support for the Muslim Community on Friday in Logan.


Dr. Bonnie Glass-Coffin, who is the Interfaith Initiative director at USU, said the vigil was about uniting as a community.

“Today was a stand-together vigil held by the USU Interfaith Initiative on behalf of our brothers and sisters in Logan who have been having to deal with all of the hateful rhetoric,” she said. “We want to show that that’s not how we feel and think about our Muslim friends.”

Curt Yonk is a member of the Interfaith Initiative and was one the organizers for the event. It was on his Facebook rant from November 15 that called for mass support for the greater Muslim community across the world. After reading his post, Glass-Coffin approached him with the idea to host a vigil to support the Muslims in the community.


“I never imagined that this much support would show up today,” he said. “It’s just really inspiring.”

Ayman Alafifi has been the director for the Logan Islamic Center for the past two years. He has also been involved in the Interfaith Initiative throughout the town.

“I would love to reemphasize the importance of having the interfaith work, because I think that is something that we’re still missing here,” he said.

He said sometimes when minorities move to Logan they feel like they don’t belong.

“Being here as a minority, we need to have a voice,” Alafifi said. “These kind of organizations and entities really help out.”


Click to hear the full interview with Ayman Alafifi.