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H2Oath: Utahns Encouraged To Take Water Conservation Pledge

The state of Utah is facing some water challenges. Utah is the second driest state in the nation and consumes the most water per capita. The population is also predicted to double by the year 2060, according the Governor’s Office. To help meet current and future needs, the Utah Division of Water Resources has launched a campaign called “H2Oath: Utah’s Water-wise Pledge.” The program encourages Utahns to actively participate in water conservation.

“We hear from a lot of individuals and organizations saying they want to conserve water, but they are not exactly sure how to go about [it]. What the oath is designed to do is give some small changes [people] can make that collectively will have a long and lasting impact,” said Commuications Director for the Utah Department of Natural Resources, Nathan Schwebach.

The H2Oath provides several tips for decreasing water usage. A few recommendations include following the DWRe’s Online Lawn Watering Guide to optimize irrigation, fixing leaky pipes, reducing shower times by 1 minute and running only full loads of dishes and laundry.

“The Governor’s Office has set a goal of conserving 25% water by the year 2025. We are coming much closer to that goal,” Schwebach said. "Does that mean conservation efforts end when we reach that goal? Absolutely not. At that time, we will reevaluate things, set new goals, and move forward.”

Utah residents who recently attended a water usage seminar in Logan seemed interested in familiarizing themselves with the oath. “I’ve never heard of H2Oath, but it sounds like a great idea,” said Phyllis Smith of Smithfield. “I am always interested in conserving water.”

Matt Perry of Cache Valley thought participating in H2Oath would be a green choice. He was excited at the prospect of not only conserving water, but energy as well. In addition to energy, DWRe notes that saving water also has positive effects on the environment and people’s wallets.

There is no penalty for not participating in the H2Oath effort. However, the hope is that Utahns will come together for the greater good and take the following to heart: “If we each save a little, we all can save a lot.”

To take the pledge click here.

Additional information: The DWRe Watering Guide is available online. Additionally, free water checks for automated sprinkler systems are being offered in several Utah counties.