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0000017c-7f7e-d4f8-a77d-fffffe370000Utah Public Radio is dedicated to bring you in-depth political stories during this election year so you can cast an informed vote. Here is a compilation of our local news coverage for you to refer back to, to study and to share with others.

Interview with Cathy Snyder at the Cache Democratic Watch Party

Utah Public Radio's Aimee Cobabe interviews Cathy Snyder, a former officer with the Cache Democratic Party. 

“I’m here at the Logan Country Club, where the Cache Democrats have put together a sort of ‘watch party’. There’s about a hundred people gathered, and they’re watching CNN on a large-screen TV, watching the results come in, and trying to keep, they say, ‘hopefully optimistic’. A few minutes ago, there was good news for Hillary in Virginia, but earlier than that, there was good news for Donald Trump in other states so the mood has been changing several times tonight as I’ve been here. I spoke with Cathy Snyder, who is a former officer for the Cache Democrats and she told me, as some of the polls are still open on the west coast, she’s trying to keep optimistic for Hillary Clinton. How would you describe the atmosphere in this room?” -Aimee

“Umm.. cautiously hopeful?” *laughs* -Cathy

“Is that how you’re feeling right now?” -Aimee

“Yeah, cautiously hopeful. It’s going to be a tense evening, I think. It’s still early, but it’s a nail biter, I think.” -Cathy

“Just looking at the TV, as I’ve glanced at it a few times, a lot of red states and a few blue pockets there, but I’m sure that is affecting a lot of people here and their feelings of what’s going to happen tonight.” -Aimee

“Oh, definitely it is. And you just keep hoping that the county’s that haven’t been processed yet in those states are the blue ones. But it’s close.” -Cathy

“What are you hoping will be the turnout of tonight?” -Aimee

“Well, I want Hillary to win. I have great fear if Donald Trump becomes president. I don’t… I just fear for the country, I fear for the world.” -Cathy

“You’re still holding out, right?” *laughs* -Aimee

“Yes, yeah! It’s early, so you know… California is still open, I believe, the polls on the west coast. Or three, we’ve got Hawaii and Alaska, but basically two timezones that we are worried about right now, that are still open.” -Cathy

“Now this party was supposed to be for only about thirty people, what they were planning on earlier today. But they had to expand and like I said earlier, there is about a hundred people here, and they tell me that they will keep watching as the results come in, no matter what those results say.” -Aimee