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Video Of Man Killed In Police Shooting Heartbreaking
Patrick Harmon

The family of black man fatally shot after he ran from police in Utah says body-camera footage of the shooting shows that the officer should lose his job.

Patrick Harmon's sister Antoinette Harmon said Monday that watching the footage of the Aug. 13 shooting is heartbreaking and shows police didn't do enough to de-escalate the situation.

Her comments come after weekend protests in Salt Lake City by Black Lives Matter and other groups following District Attorney Sim Gill's ruling that the shooting was legally justified.

The video shows Officer Clinton Fox yelling "I'll shoot you" before firing the fatal shots Aug. 13.

The video appears to show Harmon shot from behind. Gill says a slowed-down version shows Harmon turned toward officers.

Police said Harmon had a knife and threatened to stab them.