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Two People In Custody After High-Speed Chase On I-70

It began as police in Salina attempted to pull over a car on I-70. But the car didn’t stop and instead lead police on a high-speed chase.

That chase didn’t last long though as the two bailed-out and went on foot in Joseph. Police were able to quickly find the women using a thermal imaging drone. She’s been identified as Alexus Hill. But the man, Askari Williams was still on the lamb.

Officials called residents of Joseph, Elsinore and Monroe and told them to lock their doors and be on the look-out for anything suspicious.

It wasn’t until Wednesday morning when officials again got sight of the man after a tip. They found him running through the hills near Joseph, just West of the I-70.

Officers chased him through the hills using a drone to track him. One citizen got involved after he told officers he had a scope with a good view and officers eventually caught up and arrested him.

According to Sevier County Sheriff Nate Curtis, the two suspects had drugs in the car, but not enough in his opinion to justify all the trouble they caused. The car was a rental which was overdo.

Sheriff Curtis is thanking all those citizens who kept an eye out and helped in this search. He also suggests that everyone make sure they are signed up for the CodeRed alerts through the Sheriff or the county websites.