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Upcoming Event Celebrates Women's Suffrage in Utah

Matilyn Mortensen

Next month marks 150 years since the first woman in the United States voted in Utah.

“We voted February 14, and again in August before Wyoming women voted in September of 1870. So we were first to vote which is really exciting for Utah. We have such a rich heritage there,” said Gina Worthen, a member of the Cache County Council and the Cache Celebration of Women's Suffrage 2020.

The Cache Celebration Women’s Suffrage 2020 is a group focused on recognizing important voting anniversaries this year. An exhibit for school children that is touring the county and a book event on Tuesday evening are two ways the group is doing this. 

Karina Brown, the group’s co-chair, said one component of the exhibit is a board where students can write down how they will use their voice and their vote. 

“I went to visit Wellsville Elementary that I read some of the cutest responses from those elementary school kids,” Brown said. “Like ‘I will help save the fish’ or ‘I will vote for what is fair.’ A couple of them wrote ‘I will vote for a woman for president,’ ‘I will choose the right’ or ‘I will help people.’ And so it's been inspiring to see the reaction from the children and also from the adults visiting the different media centers.”

The event on Tuesday evening will feature Katherine Kitterman, Naomi Watkins, and Brooke Smart, the authors and illustrator of the book “Champions of Change,” with tells the stories of Utahns who fought for suffrage and advocated for other social changes.

The event will go from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the Thatcher Mansion, 35 W. 100 South, Logan.