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Bernie Sanders And Amy Klobuchar Hold Rallies In SLC On Monday

Matilyn Mortensen

Shortly before announcing she was dropping out of the presidential race on Monday morning, Senator Amy Klobuchar held a rally in Salt Lake City. A few hours after Klobochar’s appearance, Senator Bernie Sanders held a rally of his own just a few miles away. 

“The biggest thing I like about Bernie is the campaign behind him and just everybody getting together and fighting for something that they care about,” said Thomas Opensahw.

“I just think he really stands up for what I need and my family needs, with the Medicare for all with, you know, excusing all of the college debt, and things like,” Lisa Fox said.

“I am just so excited to see him. I just want him to beat Trump,” Becky Hernon said.

Openshaw, Fox and Hernon were among the hundreds of attendees at the Bernie Sanders rally in Salt Lake City on Monday. According to many of the people who came, they’re looking to Sanders as a candidate who will address many of the social issues that affect them and as someone who can beat President Trump. 

Sanders wasn’t the only candidate to rally in Salt Lake on Monday. Just a few hours before him, Amy Klobuchar held a rally, after which she dropped out of the race. Klobuchar’s announcement means the democratic field has narrowed to five candidates ahead of Tuesday’s primary. 

On Sunday evening, Pete Buttigieg announced he was dropping out of the race. This announcement led voters like Tom Raymond to come to Klobuchar’s rally as they try to make the final decision on who they will vote for. 

“Well I’m a pretty strongly pro-Pete guy, but where he dropped out last night, I have to look elsewhere, and Amy and Pete, I think they are similar,” Raymond said.

Now that both Klobuchar and Buttitgeg are out of the race, it is unclear how Utah voters like Raymond will choose to cast their ballot on Tuesday.  

And, where some voters have already turned in their by-mail ballots, many Utahns may have voted for candidates who are no longer in the race.