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Toyota Supra Back On The Market



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There’s a new sports car on the market with a familiar name. The Supra earned Toyota a cult following from the 70s to the 90s, and now it’s back.

The Supra Toyota loaned us was built for this. Driving. Especially in a canyon, back seats and cargo areas would just slow you down.

Three-hundred and thirty-five horsepower through an eight-speed paddle-shifting transmission gets you into the ticket zone in about five seconds. Passing happens fast, too. A Corolla driver tried to keep up. He didn’t.

The Supra was built for this-- mostly by BMW. That engine and transmission are in the Z4. Inside, you can see these are BMW controls, feel this is a BMW shifter, and hear that BMW Chime.

But German or Japanese, our red loaner got looks. It’s kinda weird driving while people shoot pictures. The young kids like 15-year-old Roice Borup know about it.

“People say it’s a BMW but with a Toyota body,” Borup said.

The rare car-fan Millenial Bryce Hansen is a fan.

“Just the nostalgia of growing up with the MK4, a unicorn car,” Hansen said.

And that’s Alex Kelley struggling to get in, but still a fan.

“They’re a niche car we don’t see very often, everyone’s in SUVs and minivans,” Kelley said.

The Supra name had four generations from 1979 to 1998, and it got more popular after Toyota stopped selling them in the states, with the last ones selling well over $100k.

 “This was one cool car.”

 So, the kids’ dads know it, too.

“You regret what didn’t do, not what did do.”

If you regretted not buying a Japanese car 21 years ago that more than tripled in value, you can gamble that this German-Japanese one will for 56 thousand dollars. 


Brian Champagne grew up in the less-famous Central California but left after starting his television news career there. He worked 22 years in news for NBC, ABC, Fox, and CBS affiliates in four markets. He served as chief photographer for KTXL-TV in Sacramento, but worked in front of the camera, too.