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Residents Urged To Be Cautious About What They Flush Down Toilets

Paul Hermans

Staff at the Logan City Sewer Division are pleading with Logan residents to be cautious of what they are flushing down their toilets. The sewer system is backed up more than usual, and problems can occur if things do not change.

“We always deal with rags and wipes, and paper towels, those kinds of things in the sewer,” Paul Lindhardt said. “We have in the last couple of weeks feel as though we’ve seen an increase in it.”

Lindhardt is the public works director of Logan city. Officials in the Logan City Sewer Division want residents to be aware of future problems that can arise when garbage is flushed down the toilet. 

Lindhardt warned that the amount of non-flushable items being drained into the sewer system may plug laterals coming from homes and businesses, as well as pumping stations and bigger facilities. 

While no major problems have occured yet, Lindhardt said they will definitely occur in the future if habits are not changed. He said the only safe thing to flush down a toilet is toilet paper, and no other wipes. 

“They’ll say words on them like flushable, biodegradable, stuff like that. And there’s really no regulations when a company can put that on and when they can’t,” he said.

According to Lindhardt the increase of sewage buildup could be because of toilet paper shortages, or simply just because more people are home throughout the day because of the current pandemic. 

For now, the Logan City Sewer Division urges the public to be aware and smart about what they are flushing down their drains. 

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