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What Does Drive-Up Voting Look Like During Utah's 2020 Primary?

Voters are able to go through the drive up voting stand or just drop their mail in ballots at drop boxes such as this in Brigham City.

The primary  election voting process in Utah looks pretty different this year thanks to the coronavirus. During one of the special legislative sessions this year, a bill was passed saying there would be no in person voting, unless counties chose to offer drive-through sites. 

At the Brigham City Courthouse on Tuesday, a coned off alley way leads to a tent. At this tent, voters  are handed ballots that they can drop in one of the county’s drop boxes. 

Marla Young, the Box Elder County Clerk, is at the tent checking in voters and handing out ballots. Young says the drive-up voting stands help those who have either lost their ballot or didn’t receive it by mail. 

“The state legislature allowed counties to choose whether or not they wanted to have a drive up type voting. And so we chose to do that because we felt like we needed to give our voters and option on election day," explained Young.

Drive up voting is only available in seven counties across Utah this election: Box Elder, Davis, Iron, Salt Lake, Tooele, Utah and Weber. Only members of these counties can vote through this method

Over at the ballot drop, Baylee Luker is collecting ballots and directing traffic in order to help the voting process to go smoothly.

“I've noticed a lot of confusion with older people and it kind of confused on where to go but so far it's been pretty smooth and it hasn't been super busy. A lot of them have already dropped off their ballots. Earlier in the week or they just did it today,” said Luker 

The official results will be released 21 days after the primaries have concluded.