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Wedding Photographers Describe What Their Job Is Like During A Pandemic

Elias Falla

Wedding photographers in the state of Utah are making many adjustments to their businesses as the pandemic continues.

“At first it was really blatant.Like there’s nobody booking. And recently there’s been more and more as things have eased up a little bit and photographers have gotten the hang of how to do things safely," said Amy South.

South is a wedding photographer who has worked in the Cache Valley since 2014. She said the start of the pandemic was hard for her business. As the weddings she shoots have adapted for safety, so have wedding photographers. 

“It’s just been, I would say between 30 and 50 people, and usually more of the elderly are wearing masks and everybody else there seems to be in good spirits," she said.

No matter the safety precautions, South said the weddings she shoots are always happy occasions.

And when it comes to those safety precautions, photographer Cheyenne Brown said the tools that are used can make a difference. For example, she’s been using more zoom lenses so she can stand further away. 

“When we get doing those shots that are closer, we have masks. We encourage people if you're not in the picture to stand further away, things like that. We work around the rules we have heard," she said.

Brown said she admires the creativity of brides who plan their wedding around the pandemic, and as a photographer, she can work with safety guidelines.