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Find the latest information on the Coronavirus outbreak in Utah, including public health measures, contact information, news updates, and more.

Gov. Herbert Provides Suggestions For Safe Thanksgiving Gatherings

With Thanksgiving a week away, Governor Herbert provided updated guidelines for holiday gatherings this week

“So in order to have the safest holiday gathering possible, you should in fact gather with only those members of your own home and your own  household. Those that come to you from out of state bring more risk, those that come from out of town from another household create more risk,” Herbert said.

During the Thursday morning press conference, Herbert advised against potluck dinners with people from different households. However, for people who may choose to still gather, he said physical distance and masks should be the norm.

“Rather than have it an all day affair, maybe it should be shorter, the shorter you can do it again, the less risk is involved in that gathering,” Herber said.

Where possible, Herbert also said gatherings should be outdoors.

“Now in some parts of the state that's easier than in others. Down south, you have the leisure to have warmer weather where you could gather outside," he said. "But even if you gather inside here in the northern part of the state, you have to have proper ventilation. Turn on the fans, open the windows and have a circulation of the air that makes it less risky in the spread of the coronavirus. And clearly hygiene is important—washing your hands and having hand sanitizer.  The one person preparing and serving the food should be somebody that has a mask that they're in fact wearing at the time."

Herbert said he believes enough people will follow health experts and that his council leaves much room for personal freedom and choice

As case numbers for coronavirus rise and the percent positivity is about 20%, Herbert urged Utahns to wear masks, saying it minimizes risk by 70% and will allow for a healthy economy.