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House Speaker, Senate President Outline 2021 Session Priorities

As the annual legislative session began on Tuesday amid the COVID-19 pandemic and on-going threats of violence and civil unrest across the nation, lawmakers are preparing for a packed 45-days of legislating. 

In his opening remarks to the House of Representatives, Speaker Brad Wilson invited his colleagues to focus on broadening economic success, investing in infrastructure and extending opportunity to all. 


“Government can't solve all of society's problems, nor should it,” Wilson said. “But where we have determined that it's appropriate for government to act, we can and should do a far better job of building a system in which people have equal opportunity and are better able to help themselves. During this session, and in the months and years ahead, let’s focus on education, housing, and health in order to become a more equitable and inclusive state.” 


Education is routinely a top concern in Utah among constituents and law makers and both Wilson and Senate President Stuart Adams spoke to this on Tuesday. 


“This virtual year, by working together, we can continue to find ways to improve the future for education, increase workforce opportunities, ensure upward mobility and assist those struggling during this pandemic,” Adams said.


One tool Wilson presented as a way to meet these goals is college access advisors in high schools. Adams said despite the pandemic, lawmakers have been able to increase education funding and should be in a position to reduce taxes during the session.