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Gov. Cox Highlights Education, Infrastructure Goals For Utah In First State Of The State

Gov. Spencer Cox facebook

On Thursday night, Governor Spencer Cox delivered his first State of the State address from the capitol building.  

“Truly every single citizen of this state has made enormous sacrifices to save lives, and keep our economy open. Tonight, we salute you, and we say to all Utahans that help is on the way," Cox said.

During the address, the new governor spoke highly of the sacrifices Utahns have made during the Coronavirus pandemic—especially those of teachers. 

“They deserve our respect, and they deserve a raise," Cox said. "I'm grateful to you legislators who agree and have pledged historic education funding this year, including $112 million in bonuses for our teachers. In addition, I have proposed a nearly 6% increase in our state's education funding, more than $400 million in all.”

Cox added that having high quality education throughout the state, in both rural and urban areas, is a high priority for him. Especially when it comes to ensuring equality for all in the state. 

“Putting up a sign, or joining a rally isn't enough, the best way we can bring to life the American promise of liberty and justice for all, is to make sure that every single child brown or black, rural or urban has the same opportunity as every other child," Cox said.

Cox is also hopeful that target tax cuts will play a role in improving the quality of life in the state. 

“By providing an $80 million tax cut targeted at senior citizens and Utah families," he said. "we can improve the quality of life for scores of Utahans while simultaneously investing significant new funding for transportation, water, recreation and broadbandinfrastructure that will benefit every Utahan on and off the Wasatch Front for generations to come.”