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Utah Gas Prices Up 19.8 Cents From Last Week

According to a report from GasBuddy.com, the average price for gas in Utah is currently $2.826 per gallon, up 19.8 cents from last week.The price is 4.2 cents up from Monday, 48.7 cents up from last month’s average and 26 cents up from last year's average. Utah’s gas prices are currently the 14th most expensive in the nation.


In relation to these increases, the Standard-Examiner reports that gas prices tend to go up in the spring due to refineries undergoing seasonal maintenance and the changeover from winter-grade to summer-grade gasoline.


Currently, the highest prices in Utah can be found in Morgan County at $2.999 per gallon, while the lowest price is in Carbon Country at $2.662 per gallon.