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Creativity Online: USU Adapts Annual Art Exhibit For Pandemic

Courtesy of Utah State University

Utah State University Arts Are Core is conducting the second annual Creativity Unbound, a visual art exhibition that showcases a collection of works by K-8 grade student artists from Logan, Cache County, and Box Elder School Districts. “It's just very rewarding to see how excited the students are when they have their artwork displayed in the gallery,” said Aurora Hughes Villa, Program Director for Arts Are Core says the exhibition highlights the work put in by art educators and students in the USU service region.

“Obviously it beautifies the building, it helps promote arts education, but it also really gives those students an opportunity to shine and allows us to recognize the art teachers as well,” she said.


Sixth-grade student Ava Young enjoyed her experience participating in the exhibition.


“It was so cool to see my artwork up there where, like, everyone else can and it was really fun, too, because I get to see everyone else's art,” Ava said.


Ava’s mom Shauna also thought the gallery was a great way to admire the artistic work these kids have put in throughout the year.


“I love looking at artwork from other kids because it's a way for them to express themselves. It's just awesome,” Shauna said.


This year due to COVID-19 restrictions many students made their artwork at home instead of in the classroom. One of these students was Finn Wheeler who wouldn’t let anything stop him from making art.


“I just like to make art for my own self-enjoyment,” Wheeler said. “If other people like it, then other people like it. So when my art teacher told me about the art show I'm like, well, I'm gonna make this anyway, I might as well turn it into the art show.”


Because of COVID-19 restrictions, the program was unable to have the kind of opening they had last year with a music performance and food and drinks but they didn’t let that stop them. Instead, they had a virtual, online opening.


The virtual art show includes a video walkthrough of the gallery along with interviews of students and teachers involved in the show. These videos can be accessed online at their website.