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Annual Outdoor Exhibit In St. George Features Nationally Renowned Artists

Courtesy of Art Around the Corner.

Art Around the Corner is presenting their annual spring Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit in St. George, Utah with new pieces from nationally renowned artists. 

“Art Around the Corner is a foundation in order to encourage not only artists, but also to encourage citizens to engage with art. I often see children gathered around some of the sculptures that are outside and they're fascinated. They're looking at this, and that's something that will go with them for a long time,” said Della Lowe, a press contact for Art Around the Corner.


Lowe hopes that residents and visitors will see the professional artwork around town and at the St. George Art Museum.


Chairman of the Board of Directors, Marianne Hamilton, said artists are brought in from all over the United States for this gallery and putting the sculptures outside brings the art to the people.


“This is a wonderful way to make the acquisition of beautiful sculptures possible for the average person,” Hamilton said. “Most people don't have the space in their house, or probably the financial wherewithal to purchase one of the big pieces that we sell at the outdoor sculpture galleries. But the small auction of small scale sculptures, makes art really affordable.”


Smaller replicas of the outdoor statues are available for sale in an auction, with bidding open from April 16 to April 23. These statues are more affordable and more size efficient for a home or office space.


People can view these pieces and register for the auction online.


Editor's Note: This story has been updated to clarify the details of the statue auction.