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Nomi Health Provides COVID-19 Testing To Utah Art Organizations

Nomi Health,

Nomi Health has recently partnered with the Tuacahn Center of the Arts and Utah's Shakespeare Festival to provide daily COVID-19 testing to the organization's workers. This testing initiative is the final step for Tuacahn’s professional live Broadway performances, and the Utah Shakespeare Festival to take place this year. 

“The arts are such an important part of our societies, and our culture, and to be able to be helping to bring those back after such a devastating thing like COVID, we just feel honored to be a part of that,” said Josh Walker, the Chief Operating Officer and Co Founder of Nomi Health. He explained that as a company they are respectful of the arts, so when COVID hit they saw an opportunity to help the community.

“We were just overjoyed to be able to help these organizations find a path that would allow them to bring the arts back in a way that we can all continue to enjoy the great creations that have come out of that,” Walker said.


Those that work in the theater industry were badly affected by the pandemic due to the halt in live performances. However, Walker said that these safety measures will create opportunities for these art organizations to open back up to the public.


“We are nearing, I think, a time when the arts will be coming back in a way that we can all enjoy them,” Walker said. “And the steps that we've taken with many of these organizations, including Tuacahn, is to allow them to actually start to rehearse. Get the team, and the crews, and the actors back together, the casts so that they can practice, so that they can get some of these productions on stage for all of us to go enjoy again.”


Plays at Tuacahn and the Shakespeare Festival are just a few of the many arts performances that will be returning to Utah communities this summer after a pause for the pandemic last year.