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Community Gathers For Cinco De Mayo Celebrations In Logan

Maricela Gonzalez performing at the Cinco de Mayo celebration

A celebration of Mexican heritage in Cache Valley gave people of all ethnicities the opportunity to come together for Cinco de Mayo. Maricela Gonzalez was a performer at the event that grew up in Mexico. She said that the biggest difference between the United States and Mexico’s celebrations is the people. 

“In Mexico, it’s just Mexican people and right here there are a lot of different kinds of people, a lot of different states and people speak Chinese, Spanish, English," Gonzalez said.

This is the first year that the Cache Valley Media group has put on a Cinco de Mayo event. Carolina Calbimonte helped plan the event. 

“In every community like around the United States, they celebrate Cinco de Mayo. So we said why not here in Cache Valley?" she said. "That's why we decided to celebrate Cinco de Mayo,”

When planning the event, Calbimonte said the community helped.

“I decided tell people about the idea of doing the event, Cinco de Mayo, everyone came together and said  'Hey, you should have this group'. We wanted to hear from other people inside the community that wanted to be part of this event," Calbimonte said.

Branden Jensen with Cache Valley Media Group said  the community’s response was unexpected. 

“We were not expecting this many people here," Jensen said. "We were maybe anticipating like three or four hundred. But this is just blown out of the park.”

Overall, the celebration was a great way for people to find resources.

“Watch our culture," Calbimonte said. "Learn from there like that we have beautiful, different style culture, different singers."