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'Miracle Worker': Pioneer In Field Of Aiding Visually Impaired Infants Marks 40 Years With Program

When it comes to working with visually impaired infants and their parents, perhaps nobody on the planet is as experienced, skillful and knowledgeable as Elizabeth Dennison.

But this soft-spoken Mendon resident known to friends as “Bess” is not going to tell you that. The woman who 40 years ago this month started Utah’s internationally recognized and widely modeled Parent-Infant Program for the Blind and Visually Impaired likes to talk instead about how much she learns from the people she works to assist.


“I consider myself a cross-pollinator,” she says. “I learn so much from everybody I work with. I get something in one place, then I’m willing to share at the next place.” Read the rest of the story on


This story is made possible thanks to a community reporting partnership between The Herald Journal and Utah Public Radio.