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A meeting with Logan's mayor: the future of Main Street

Colleen Meidt

The Utah Department of Transportation has granted the city of Logan $52 million dollars to improve the city’s congested Main Street. 

Rush hour is known for bustling cars and slow traffic, something Main Street in Logan is no stranger to.

To help relieve this traffic, Utah’s Department of Transportation approved a $52 million dollar pledge for Main Street.

Logan’s Mayor Holly Daines said this is important to the city’s economy and growth.

“You know, Main Street is sort of the artery through Logan. And again, it's an interesting situation because it's owned by UDOT, the Utah Department of Transportation. But it also is the heart of our downtown, certainly in sections, and especially our historic downtown... We have what almost sometimes seems like a freeway running through it. So, it's a key part of the transportation issues for our whole valley, which affects economic development. It's how we get to work, how we get to shopping, how we get to all sorts of things," Mayor Daines said.

Main street is also U.S. Highway 89, which is why it accommodates a lot of traffic. Due to efforts from local officials, Main Street in Logan was bumped up the list for improvement in Utah’s legislative transportation improvement plan. Mayor Daines said we are still in the beginning stages of the process

“We've done a number of studies over the years. And we're also about to wrap up an additional study that's been funded by Logan city, the Cache Metropolitan Planning Organization, and UDOT, in partnership. That will give us a lot of additional data ... and could potentially point to solutions... The next phase, which will be an environmental study, any big project like this has to go through what they call an EIS, environmental impact statement," said Mayor Daines.

The EIS is expected to take a couple of years and will require a great deal of public input and environmental analyses.

With Utah Public Radio, I’m Colleen Meidt

Colleen Meidt is a science reporter at UPR as well as a PhD student at Utah State University. She studies native bees in the Mojave Desert and is particularly interested studying the conservation status of the Mojave Poppy Bee. In her free time, Colleen enjoys photography and rock climbing in the canyons.