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Kindness initiative promoted through help from First Lady Abby Cox

First Lady Abby Cox
Photo courtesy of Abby Cox on Twitter
First Lady Abby Cox

A new initiative promoting kindness in local communities and schools throughout the nation began on Tuesday morning through the help of First Lady Abby Cox.

Receiving a grant from the Fredette Family Foundation, Gearld L. Wright Elementary School in West Valley City was one of the first few schools to take part in the Choose Kindness Program. The program was rolled out through the help of First Lady Abby Cox, who has a degree in special education from Utah State University.

Two assemblies took place where Cox had students participate in different activities and discussions focusing on teaching students to be more inclusive with their peers. Cox believes that this program is an opportunity to teach emotional intelligence and to have students develop skills of kindness.

Proving to be a success at the school, the Choose Kindness Program aims to travel throughout the nation to help foster both generosity and kindness.

Jared Gereau is pursuing a Journalism major with an emphasis in Social Media at Utah State University. He is planning on using his experience to pursue a career with USU Athletics sometime after he graduates. In his free time, Jared enjoys watching movies, playing games and creating content for his YouTube channel.