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Airlines lift face mask requirements, SLC airport to continue providing them

 People waiting in an airport terminal
L.Filipe C.Sousa
People waiting in an airport terminal

On Monday, a federal judge from Florida voided the national mask mandate for airplanes and other forms of public transportation, but Salt Lake City International Airport is still encouraging travelers to wear them.

The Florida judge’s authority exceeded that of U.S. health officials and the Biden Administration confirmed that the ruling would void the CDC’s order. But while masks are no longer enforced, airports and other public transportation organizations are still recommending them.

In a statement issued by the airport, SLC International made it clear that they were aware of the changes made to the mask mandate. Masks will still be provided to those who request them and the airport will continue to encourage passengers to wear them, as per recommendations by the CDC.

Following the ruling, the New York Times reported that Delta, United, America, Southwest, Alaska and Frontier airlines announced that their face covering requirements would be suspended. All airport employees, crew members, and customers would have the option on whether to wear a mask when inside U.S. airports and on board domestic and international flights.

While masks are now optional in U.S. airports, other countries may still have mask requirements.

Jared Gereau is pursuing a Journalism major with an emphasis in Social Media at Utah State University. He is planning on using his experience to pursue a career with USU Athletics sometime after he graduates. In his free time, Jared enjoys watching movies, playing games and creating content for his YouTube channel.