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Police chief Ulysses Black resigns following DUI charge in Idaho

North Park Police Department

North Park Police Chief Ulysses Black resigned last week after being charged with a DUI in Idaho.

According to a letter from Hyde Park Mayor Bryan Cox and Mayor Lyndsay Peterson, Black’s resignation became effective July 7. Cox and Peterson wrote that Black is resigning from his position because of “personal reasons” and that he is going to transition into retirement, with the DUI arrest not being mentioned anywhere at all.

Court documents say that Black was arrested on June 18, charged with driving under the influence in Fremont County, Idaho, and that he was released after posting $2,000 bail.

The North Park Police Department added to the letter saying that Chief Black has exhibited many admirable qualities in his duties and that they appreciate his efforts in filling the police force with outstanding officers as well as his dedication and leadership for the department.

Black has been committed to law enforcement for 27 years.

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