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10-month-old girl overdoses on fentanyl, father arrested on child endangerment charges

Hal Gatewood

A Lehi man was arrested Sunday after his 10-month-old daughter overdosed on fentanyl.

9-1-1 was called on Aug. 15 by the baby’s mother who brought the baby to the hospital. Court documents say that the baby was unresponsive and was given Naloxone by medical staff at Mountain Point Hospital. Staff suspected that the overdose was caused by opiates.

The baby later regained consciousness and started to breathe on her own again. Police say that the baby was given a second dose of Naloxone and was put on Naloxone drip due to the severity of the opiates that she ingested.

Police also learned that five days prior to the incident, 33-year-old Jazz Christopher Rockwood, the child's father, was brought in due to an overdose.

The baby’s mother believes that her daughter found an Oxycodone pill in Rockwood’s pocket in the laundry but a doctor with Mountain Point Hospital informed police that a regular Oxycodone pill wouldn’t have that quick of an overdose on anybody, even in an infant.

Later in the week, toxicology results for the baby showed a positive result for fentanyl. According to the doctor and the arresting officer, there has been a current trend of fentanyl pills being sold as counterfeit Oxycodone.

Rockwood was arrested Sunday with two 3rd-degree felonies. The first was aggravated child abuse and the second child endangerment. Rockwood will be held in jail without bail.

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