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Family of injured Little League player suing League and bunk bed company

Easton Oliverson in the hospital with his parents
The Oliverson Family
Easton Oliverson in the hospital with his parents

Little League Baseball Inc. and the company who made their bunk beds are reportedly being sued by the family of Easton Oliverson, the boy who fell off his bed and fractured his skull at the Little League World Series last month.

12-year-old Easton Oliverson arrived ahead of his team in Williamsport, Pennsylvania on August 14 where later that night, he fell off his bed and fractured his skull. Since the injury, Easton has undergone a massive amount of medical care.

Penn Live, a Pennsylvania news outlet, is reporting that a Philadelphia-based law firm has filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Oliverson family, revealing that they’re suing not just Little League Baseball Inc., but John Savoy & Son, the company who created their bunk beds.

An article published Tuesday, Penn Live reported that the lawsuit is claiming Little League “failed to equip the upper bunks with rails to protect its occupants.” John Savoy & Son, listed under the name Savoy Contract Furniture of Williamsport, Pa., is being accused of selling “dangerous and defective” beds that ultimately caused the boy injuries.

The Oliverson family released a Facebook update on Friday saying that the boy has been battling several infections since the injury and has started experiencing seizures.

Penn Live’s report is saying that the lawsuit is seeking “in excess of $50,000” as well as costs, compensatory, and other damages allowed by law.

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