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Utahns feel confident in the job market amidst nationwide economic struggles

A sign that says "we are hiring, apply today" hangs near a brick wall.
Eric Prouzet

Amidst a struggling economy and nationwide fears of recession, a sampling of Utah voters expressed a persistent confidence in the job market.

The Associated Press compiled data from nearly 2,000 Utahns who voted in the midterm election and found that while 80% rated the economy as “not so good” or worse, 70% felt confident they could find a good job if needed. About half of those interviewed said they’re currently holding steady on their financial situation, while 38% feel they’re falling behind.

Utah’s unemployment rate and economy growth are both better than the national numbers, but fears of a recession remain due to interest rate hikes and inflation. The combination of high inflation and low unemployment makes predicting whether a recession will come, and how it will look, even more difficult.

Duck is a general reporter and weekend announcer at UPR, and is studying broadcast journalism and disability studies at USU. They grew up in northern Colorado before moving to Logan in 2018, so the Rocky Mountain life is all they know. Free time is generally spent with their dog, Monty, listening to podcasts, reading or wishing they could be outside more.