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A nonprofit is holding a West Jordan fundraiser for Syrian earthquake victims

 Syrian Forum USA's logo.
Syrian Forum USA
Syrian Forum USA's logo.

After two earthquakes of high magnitude and thousands of aftershocks, many Syrians have lost their lives, loved ones and homes, and worry about loved ones that have also been affected by the quakes. According to WorldVision, over six million Syrian children needed humanitarian aid before the quakes because of conflicts. Now that number has significantly increased.

The Syrian Forum USA is hoping to ease these burdens. Mohammad Alsolaiman and his wife Dunia Wafai, both native Syrians, are volunteering with this group, helping with outreach and fundraising for those in their homeland.

“So basically, we're trying to solicit funds to send back home to get more tents, more food, hygiene kits. I mean, you name it," Alsolaiman said.

Alsolaiman said he hopes the event will raise a quarter million dollars. In the 10 days since the earthquakes, the group has already helped over 53,000 people by providing 150 temporary shelter sites, almost 12,000 hygiene kits, over 10,000 meals, almost 50,000 gallons of water and many other needed provisions according to the Syrian Forum statistics.

Wafia hopes this fundraiser will raise awareness about the earthquake victims and their needs.

“So, I really would appreciate if it started to raise the awareness that those people — Syrian people — are normal people and support them as much as they can," Wafia said. "Because this is what I think any human should do to any other human.”

For information on the event and tickets, visit this Eventbrite link.

To donate go to Earthquake Emergency Response – SFUSA (