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Friday AM headlines: USU Arts College appoints new dean, Utah man discovers $10,000 scavenger hunt prize

 A large elk antler sits on the ground next to a tree
Ron Wardleigh
Scout to Hunt
The $10,000 scavenger hunt trophy discovered near Wells, Nevada.

Utah passed more gun laws than any other state in past year

Since the mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas last May, Utah has surpassed all other states in the number of gun laws passed.

Five of the 11 laws Utah passed during this spring’s legislative session expand firearm access or benefit the firearm industry, while the remaining six laws restrict access to firearms in some manner or benefit potential victims of violence involving firearms.

Some of the restrictive laws are voluntary, including HB226, sponsored by Rep. Cory Maloy (R) of Lehi. The bill created an online database that private firearm vendors can search to check whether a potential buyer has a valid concealed carry permit. Buyers can also search the database to check if the firearm they intend to purchase has been reported as stolen.

Utah man discovers $10,000 scavenger hunt prize in Nevada

Ogden resident Ron Wardleigh and his coworker found an engraved elk shed worth $10,000 over the weekend near Wells, Nevada. The antler was hidden as part of a treasure hunt contest by Utah-based shed hunting app company Scout To Hunt. Scout To Hunt’s app allows users to create and save private maps of where they’ve searched for and discovered shed antlers.

The scavenger hunt was part of five contests the Utah company has sponsored across the western United States. Utah and Nevada’s hunts began in May, while Arizona, Idaho and New Mexico’s began earlier in the spring. All scavenger hunts pay out $10,000 in cash or Bitcoin.

USU appoints new Arts College dean

Utah State University’s Caine College of the Arts announced Thursday that Nicholas Morrison will serve as the college’s new dean.

Morrison began his career at USU in 1991 as an assistant professor of music. Currently he is a professor of clarinet in the Department of Music, as well as the interim dean of the Caine College of the Arts. Morrison has been active in leadership roles across the college, including associate deanships in the College of Humanities and College of Arts & Social Sciences, and interim directorships within USU’s Interior Design Program and the university’s Honors Program. He is also heavily involved in mentorship, leading clarinet studio and chamber music lessons.

Morrison has acted as interim dean of the Caine College of the Arts since last August, and will begin his new appointment on June 1st, 2023.

Aimee Van Tatenhove is a science reporter at UPR. She spends most of her time interviewing people doing interesting research in Utah and writing stories about wildlife, new technologies and local happenings. She is also a PhD student at Utah State University, studying white pelicans in the Great Salt Lake, so she thinks about birds a lot! She also loves fishing, skiing, baking, and gardening when she has a little free time.