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Monday PM headlines: Utah counties remain under Code Blue status

The mountains in Logan Canyon. There is part of a white truck visible in the bottom of the photo.
Anna Johnson
Winter temperatures are creeping into Utah counties, pushing counties to declare Code Blue status.

Several Utah counties to remain in Code Blue status through Wednesday

With the National Weather Service predicting temperatures at or below 15 degrees, the majority of Utah counties were in Code Blue status overnight. A new law requires resource centers to expand their capacity up to 35% percent when under Code Blue status.

The NWS predicts 13 counties will remain in Code Blue status at least through Wednesday.

Inversion conditions expected in Northern Utah this week

The National Weather Service is predicting inversion conditions through the end of this week.

They said air quality will decrease across Northern Utah with reduced visibility in some areas. We can expect the inversion to weaken toward the end of the week due to a storm system but, they said, they are uncertain it will be a strong enough storm to fully mix out the inversions.

New report says youth population has declined in Salt Lake City

Despite gaining over 13,000 new residents between 2010 and 2020, the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute says their new report shows Salt Lake City’s youth population hit its lowest point in over a century in 2020.

They say the largest decreases in population under age ten were in West side neighborhoods like Rose Park, Glendale and Poplar Grove. The report also shows an increase in racial and ethnic diversity in Salt Lake City.

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