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Thursday PM headlines: Energy bills head to Senate, MLB resolution signed

Utah state capitol building, with a wall in front that has text reading STATE OF UTAH
Henry Wang
Two bills on energy policy are on their way to the state Senate after passing the House.

Energy bills pass the state House, move to the Senate

Two bills that would affect Utah’s energy policy passed the state House of Representatives Thursday.

House Bill 191, Electrical Energy Amendments, would, if passed through the Senate, prevent power plants from being torn down before infrastructure to replace the energy they produce is built.

Rep. Colin Jack, the sponsor of House Bill 374 which also passed the State House Thursday, says HB0374 is meant to clarify Utah’s energy laws. Critics of the bill saidit may prevent the state from investing in some types of clean energy because they don’t fit the exact criteria laid out in the bill.

Gov. Cox signs resolution in support of bringing a Major League Baseball franchise to Utah

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox signed a resolution Wednesday recognizing Utah as a potential home for a Major League Baseball franchise. The resolutioncodifies the State Legislature’s support for the franchise.

It said Utah’s quickly growing population, reputation for hosting sporting events like the 2002 Olympic Games and its geography make it an amazing state for the sport.

New report says Utah's overall tax burden rose from a record low in 2016

A reportreleased Thursday by the Utah Foundation said after reaching a record low in 2016, Utah’s overall tax burden rose in 2021.

They said property tax and overall tax burdens remain relatively low while the income tax burden hit a record high.

Despite the rise in income tax burden,the report said Utahns’ overall tax burden in 2021 was still slightly below the 10-year average.

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