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Northern Utah's snowpack is looking stronger than average heading into spring

Snow covered mountains with pine trees in front
Tyler Mower

For the second straight winter, northern Utah has seen a healthy amount of snowfall. While the past few months haven't matched up with last year’s heavy winter, this year’s snowfall will likely still be above average levels.

During this week’s Northern Utah Water Users Spring Runoff Conference, Jordan Clayton, a snow survey supervisor for the Natural Resources Conservation Service within the U.S. Department of Agriculture, said the local snowpack is in good shape heading into the spring.

Clayton said based on current data, the local snowpack could be potentially above normal for the month of March.

As of now, levels at northern Utah reservoirs like Porcupine, Pineview and Bear Lake are all above the typical median marks, according to data from the Utah Division of Water Resources.

Reporter Jacob Scholl covers northern Utah as part of a newly-created partnership between The Salt Lake Tribune and Utah Public Radio. Scholl writes for The Tribune and appears on-air for UPR.