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Tuesday AM headlines: Utahans are warned to beware of scam PGA Tour ticket sells

A person holds a credit card while looking at a laptop

Beware of scam tickets for PGA Tour in Utah

The Black Desert Resort is warning the public of scam websites claiming to sell tickets to a PGA Tour event in Utah this fall.

The popular PGA Tour hasn't been to Utah in 60 years, but this October, its holding five days of golfing events with the PGA Black Desert Championship.

The resort announced on Monday that VIP experiences and packages were available for the event. That same day, some attendees started buying regular tickets to the event — but official tickets don’t go on sale until June.

Black Desert warned against these scamming websites and urged everyone to only purchase tickets through their official ticketing website, which can be found at

According to Experian, if you are scammed into giving your credit card information or login credentials for financial accounts, including on a website, you should call your banks and credit card companies immediately to cancel those cards and receive new ones. They also recommend checking recent transactions to be sure you recognize them and to flag any fraudulent ones you find.

Utah could change rules on international students in high school sports

Utah’s policies on international students in high school sports could change as early as next year.

The Utah High School Activities Association has proposed increasing restrictions on F-1 visa students in high school sports. The move was prompted by seeing rules in surrounding states and hearing concerns about international recruiting.

Under the proposed law, schools with F-1 visa players would have three options. They could go independent and create their own schedule; let F-1 students play varsity games but give up the school’s ability to compete in postseason games; or only allow F-1 students to play sub-varsity.

The proposed bylaw is still being discussed and will go through the Executive Committee for possible changes before the Board of Trustees meets on May 1.

Draper clarifies ‘misperceptions’ a year after two houses collapsed

It’s been a year since two Draper homes slid off a cliff into the canyon below, causing the evacuation of nearby residents.

Draper City has released an update to residents, claiming there were “possible misperceptions” and inaccurate reporting about the incident.

The city clarified they never owned or sold the land to the developer, Edge Homes, who they claim had the responsibility of investigating what caused the homes to collapse.

Draper also emphasized all the public infrastructure and homes in the subdivision were inspected and met code standards at the time, and that the engineered fill where the collapse happened was inspected by professionals hired by Edge Homes.

Following the incident, Edge Homes has said they’re working with homeowners to provide compensation such as paying for relocation expenses.

Panguitch Lake reopened to fishing two weeks after crack found in dam

Two weeks after concerns of a possible dam failure, Panguitch Lake has reopened to fishing.

It was closed on April 10 after a large crack was found in the Panguitch Lake Dam that led to concerns of possible dam collapse.

On Monday, fishing was allowed once again on the lake, though officials are still asking people to stay away from the area surrounding the dam.

After efforts to reduce the water level on the lake, the Department of Public Safety said that as of Monday, the water level has dropped over twenty-six inches. Water is still leaking, but the agency says it has decreased dramatically.

Officials have also said that despite the cracks, complete dam failure is not likely.

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