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Don't Waste Too Much Time Getting To Your Garden This Spring


Spring is having a hard time coming to northern Utah but I think we are on our way. I’ve been finding it a bit difficult to get out in my garden. But I hope you’re not wasting too much time trying to find to into yours as well.

Once the soil is dry, though, I’m getting ready to plant. I’ve got onion seeds. lettuce, spinach, carrots, radishes, peas, parsnips and chard all waiting to be planted. Most of these should be seeded about a quarter to a half inch deep and seeds should be about one inch apart. Keep the surface moist if it dries out but don’t overwater. The main thing here is after those seedlings emerge to try to thin the plants back to about two inches apart.

If you have been trying to grow your early brassica transplants, things like cabbage and broccoli, they should be in their second or third leaf about now. Be sure to feed these things weekly with some liquid fertilizer and to keep them growing. Don’t overwater or overfeed these. Basically, we want these plants ready to transplant when they have about four to five leaves and that should be in about a month.

Think also about getting started planting seeds for tomato and pepper transplants. These take about eight weeks to get to plants size and should be ready by mid-May or by the end of May when we put them out in the garden.

For additional details on vegetable gardening go to your county extension office and you’ll find lots of good resources there for helping you to get ready for the vegetable season throughout Utah.