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Expert Says Meth, Pills Are Problems In US Evidence Rooms

Drugs in evidence rooms becoming issue.
Drugs in evidence rooms becoming issue.

A national police expert says evidence room problems like a Utah technician fired after being found high on methamphetamine at work are all too common.

Joe Latta with the International Association for Property and Evidence says meth and pills have been a serious problem in recent years.

He says it's unfortunate that property-room issues are overlooked until there's a scandal.

The evidence room at the Weber County Sheriff's Office is undergoing an in-depth audit after a longtime evidence technician was fired in January. Authorities say she was found intoxicated on duty and acknowledged breaking into methamphetamine evidence bags and consuming the drugs for at least a year.

Her supervisor, Lt. Kevin Burns, retired under pressure after the allegations surfaced. He is currently running for Weber County Sheriff.