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Utah Bill Would Turn Stubborn Red Lights Green After Stop

Stubborn red lights could no longer be an issue.
Stubborn red lights could no longer be an issue.

A legislative panel has approved a bill that would allow Utah motorists to proceed through an intersection after coming to a full stop at a stubborn red light during times of low travel when no other vehicles are present.

The bill's sponsor, Rep. Ken Ivory of West Jordan, denies the measure would give a green light to running red lights.

According to The Salt Lake Tribune , Ivory describes it as a "safe-on-red bill" not a "run-a-red-light bill."

He drafted the proposal after a constituent complained about waiting at an intersection where a red light wouldn't change. He says the sensor apparently wouldn't detect his car because of a lane shift for construction. He eventually drove on through, but ended up getting ticketed.

The House Transportation Committee advanced the new proposal to the House floor Tuesday on a 5-2 vote.