Moab Leaders Oppose Potential Oil And Gas Lease On Thursday's Access Utah

Feb 20, 2020

A picture of someone biking Slickrock Trail.

Various Moab government and business leaders have come out in opposition to the Trump administration’s plans to allow an oil and gas lease on the nearby Slickrock Trail. The group is decrying what they say is an opportunity currently mis-understood by the Department of the Interior to support the power of world famous recreation assets like the Slickrock Trail. They say that these types of outdoor treasures bring revenue flows and tax receipts to public land communities and create real long term jobs and that oil and gas development does not deliver the same economic benefits. They further assert that with less than 35% of existing leases on public lands now in production, there is no need to damage current recreation economies. The group says that the oil and gas auction scheduled for June includes landscapes within two miles of Arches National Park, span over 60 percent of the Slickrock Trail, a world-famous mountain biking trail, and threatens drinking water supply for the City of Moab.


We’re going to talk about this on Thursday’s Access Utah. Our guests will include Moab Mayor Emily Niehaus and Ashley Korenblat, CEO, Western Spirit Cycling.