NEHMA Community Art Day Goes Outdoors, Digital

Apr 9, 2020

The Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art at Utah State University tries to offer a community art day on the second Saturday of every month. This week, NEHMA will feature a sculpture walk and the option to make art from home to comply with social distancing since the museum has closed, according to Michelle Nowling, NEHMA’s education and outreach coordinator.

“If you've never come to campus and see the sculptures, you probably don't know they’re there," Nowling said. "So it was a way to highlight a collection that doesn't get a lot of publicity and a way to get outside.” 

And for those who can’t make it to campus, Nowling said the sculptures are available for a virtual tour online. Another way to participate in the community art day from home is by posting pictures of sculptures made with household objects, or things that remind you of a piece, she said.

“We just got really excited about the idea of people becoming the sculptures using their body to create the shape," Nowling said. "Look around your home, look around your neighborhood, looking for interesting shapes and textures, that could be like our sculptures sort of broaden the idea of what art is to broaden participation in art. You don't have to come to the museum. You can find art all around you even in your own home if you can't leave.”

Pictures can be tagged on Instagram and Facebook using #USUsculpturewalk or emailed to

Phillip Brown, the museum’s PR and marketing coordinator, said with event cancellations and the museum closing to the public, it’s important to the museum to stay connected and engaged in the community.

“We will continue to have community art days. Those were always a way that we try to engage with the community and encourage people to make art," Brown said. "And I think all of those goals are still very much in place. Especially in this time, when people are needing a sense of community and needing something to do and to feel creative and expressive.”

In addition to the sculpture walk, NEHMA also has a virtual tour option of every exhibit in the museum, and Brown said they plan to continue the service.