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North Korea And The Reported Abduction Of Utah Man David Sneddon On Tuesday's Access Utah


Cache Valley residents Roy and Kathleen Sneddon have been living with their son’s disappearance since 2004. 24-year-old David Sneddon was last seen hiking in China, leaving no physical trace. The Sneddons and several sources in Asia believe David was kidnapped by North Korea. The Sneddons believe their son is likely one of many who have been abducted and held captive in North Korea.


In the aftermath of the historic summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore, we’ll talk about David Sneddon and others who are missing and what the summit and future events might mean for them and their families. Our guests include one of David Sneddon’s friends, George Bailey; Rep. Chris Stewart, R-Utah; and USU Assistant Professor of Political Science Anna Pechenkina.