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Find the latest information on the Coronavirus outbreak in Utah, including public health measures, contact information, news updates, and more.

How The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Affecting Small Businesses On Wednesday's Access Utah


We know that the coronavirus pandemic is disrupting the economy as well as the obvious health effects. How is all of this affecting small businesses in Utah?

Today on Access Utah we’ll check in with some small business owners to see how things are going. We’ll also have experts on hand to answer your questions about applying for a loan on behalf of your small business or non-profit under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) recently enacted by Congress. 


Our guests include: Ken Sanders with Ken Sanders Rare Books in Salt Lake City, Lesa Wilson, Caffe Ibis President/CFO, and Nathon Waggoner with Escalante Outfitters . We'll also speak with Warren Kunz with Cache Valley Chamber of Commerce, and Craig Maughan and George Daines with Cache Valley Bank.

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