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Farmers And Ranchers Can Learn About Accepting SNAP Benefits In Webinar Series

Kailey Foster- Dr. Kelsey Hall, an associate professor in agricultural Communications at Utah State University, will be hosting a series of webinars from November 5 through December 3. that aims to provide farmers and ranchers the opportunity to expand their customer base by implementing Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programs or snap for their CSA’s, farm stands and stores.

Tell us a little more about the webinars you'll be hosting this month.

Dr. Kelsey Hall- The webinars that we're offering in November and December are to provide training that will help farmers and ranchers to accept SNAP Benefit. This would expand the opportunity for Utahns  that are SNAP participants to purchase snap eligible products.

KF-  And why should farmers and ranchers move to accept these SNAP benefits

KH- Well SNAP is considered the greatest under used federal program that could generate revenue for farmers as vendors at farmer's markets, farm stands, farm stores, or CSA. And as an increasing percentage of these dollars are being spent at the farmers' markets and farm stands, there is an ability to serve more individuals because, at this time, we do not have any CSA’s, or mini farm stores, or farm stands that accept snap.

KF- What is the process like for these farmers and ranchers applying to accept SNAP benefits?

KH- The best way to become a SNAP authorized direct marketing farmer is to apply to the USDA Food and Nutrition Services. And then we're able to help them know about partnering organizations in our state that can help them obtain a point of sale terminal where they can process their SAP cards which are known as the Utah Horizon Card .

KF-Dr. Kelsey Hall, thank you so much for joining us today.

KH-Thank you so much for having me. I appreciate it.

To find more information on the webinar series and where to sign up, visit