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Logan StoryCorps: The best principal in the world

 Ron Godfrey and his conversation partner Quinn shown in video chat tiles
Ron Godfrey in North Logan, Utah and Quinn in Buffalo, New York.

It's time again for Utah StoryCorps: everyday people sharing their stories at the StoryCorps recording booth in Logan.

RON GODFREY: My name is Ron Godfrey, I'm 74 years old. Today's the 29th day of April and 2023. I'm here in North Logan, Utah. I grew up in the most wonderful small town of Murray, Utah. I lived there my whole life until I was 18. And my conversation partner is Quinn.

QUINN: Do you have any, like, memories that stick out to you from school?

RON GODFREY: I had a million fun experiences in school with friends.

I had the greatest principal in the world. This teacher, she was about eight feet tall. She took me down to his office one day, because I've mentioned to her that it's against the rules to whistle in the hall and she was whistling.

And she threw me into his office. And she said, "I want you to discipline this impudent boy." And so he said, "Well, don't you worry, I'll take care of him. I'll fix him good."

And he went over to the window of his door and pulled it down so she couldn't see what was going on. And he pulled out about 15 marbles from his drawer. And we played marbles on the floor in his office for about 10 minutes. He let me win them all. And when we stood up, he said, "You know, if I were you, I'd stay away from her."

He never disciplined me at all. He was a great principal. I mean, he understood the mind of a boy. Yeah, that's so awesome. There was a lot of discipline in those days, but not too much.

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Kirsten grew up listening to Utah Public Radio in Smithfield, Utah and now resides in Logan. She has three children and is currently producing Utah StoryCorps and working as the Saturday morning host on UPR. Kirsten graduated from Utah State University with a Bachelor's degree History in 2000 and dual minors in Horticulture and German. She enjoys doing voice work, reading, writing, drawing, teaching children, and dancing. Major credits include StoryCorps, Utah Works, One Small Step, and the APTRA award-winning documentary Ride the Rails.
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