Kirsten Swanson

weekend host and producer

Kirsten grew up listening to Utah Public Radio in Smithfield, Utah and now resides in Logan.  She has three children and is currently the Saturday morning host on UPR. Kirsten graduated from Utah State University with a Bachelor's degree History in 2000, and currently studies childhood development (see previous note about children).  She enjoys doing voice work, reading, writing, drawing, teaching children, and doing machine embroidery.

One Small Step: Collage Of Appreciation

Nov 12, 2019

As we bring our One Small Step series to a close, we would like to say thank you to everyone who took this journey with us. Listening is an act of love, and saying "thank you" will never go out of style.

Tom Williams / Utah Public Radio

Amber Dubois is 34. Georgia Beth Thompson says she's chasing 80.  For these women, crossing the age divide ends in a resounding cheer --"Go, girl!"

'Mom, I'll Be By At Ten'

Oct 9, 2019
Dani Hayes / Utah Public Radio

While recording for One Small Step this summer, we found that crossing the divide between two strangers often began with the small step of sharing a personal story. Thirty years ago, Clare Coonan had something to tell her parents, and said she would be by at ten. 

Tune in to Utah Public Radio on May 10 - the 150th anniversary of the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad - for the premiere of the UPR original documentary "Ride The Rails: A Storytelling Exploration Uncovering The Forgotten Stories Of The Early Railroad."


As part of UPR’s Women 20/20 series, we applaud the women of Utah who have chipped away at barriers to jobs previously done only by men.  

Mary Heers

In 1950 Byron Snyder, a young embassy consul general agreed to include his wife's new-fangled ironing board in their hand luggage on their return trip to Europe.  Traveling from California to New York, to Paris, and finally to Frankfurt proved harder than he could have ever imagined. 

Mary Heers

Across the ocean, as the Iron Curtain was lifted 25 years ago, Ania Dabrowska and Mary Heers taught English as a second language to eager students while forging a friendship and sharing cultures.

Bret Rasmussen turns his passion for snowmobiling into a worldwide business teaching men and women to "Ride Rasmussen Style."  

Mark Grodkowski is a pastry chef. He immigrated from Poland when he was 17, crossing the borders of country and language, creating his American dream. He currently owns and operates Sweetly Divine, a pastry shop and cafe in Logan. 

In Tanzania, electricity is not a given, it's a gift.  Norman Harrison has brought this gift from Utah to Tanzania.  He recently returned from installing solar panels at the Falco Children's Village. 

Working Midnight Sunday to  Midnight Saturday is a regular summer work week for Lonnie Hafen, a young farmer in Fillmore.

Utah Works: A Lifetime Of Preparation

Aug 31, 2017

Inspired by President Kennedy, Caril Jennings sets to work, eventually landing her dream job at Weber State.

Utah Works: A Real Sense of Purpose

Aug 9, 2017

From a cattle ranch in Delta to a hospital in Cache Valley, Carolyn Jones shares her sense of fulfillment in work.

For 15 years, Glen Wall worked as a trucker, hauling crude oil out of the Uintah Basin.

Gloria Weller logs onto her computer at 8:00 am and runs a Los Angeles law office from her home in Layton.  She doesn't log off until 5:00 pm. Gloria is 86 years old.

Longtime newspaperman Charles Trentelman uses his column to rally the community and delve into the stories of Ogden's past.

Utah Works: Second Chances

May 10, 2017


Judy Elsley found America a land of second chances, and takes us on her journey from a soap factory to teaching at Weber State University.

Second Chances

May 9, 2017

Utah Works:  Second ChancesJudy Elsley found America a land of second chances, and takes us on her journey from a soap factory to teaching at Weber State University. 

Tom Szalay is a photographer who began his career working for a newspaper. He now teaches at West High School in Salt Lake City and has published a book titled “Even a Sparrow Has Found a Home.”