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Its time to start planning for your 2022 garden

Microgreens can be grown all year in a controlled environment
Microgreens can be grown all year in a controlled environment

Now that winter is officially here, there are only limited things you can do in the vegetable garden. If you had stored squash or potatoes or onions in your cellar, be sure you check on them periodically for rots and decays and even sprouting. It happens pretty fast, and as you use the produce, it really makes sense to go through the pile and look for those off-types.

Secondly, my first seed catalog showed up this week. Take some time to review what you planted in 2021 and then plan for 2022. Check your seed inventory as well, and then you don't need to over-buy seed. Most catalogs carry a wide selection of varieties and the types that are in there are really pretty interesting. I find it quite an enjoyable reading.

One section I noted in the catalog was growing microgreens that section seems to be just getting bigger and bigger every year. Microgreens are pretty easy to grow. They grow fast, and they're a fun way to get some homegrown fresh veggies into your salads, soups, or sandwiches. Most catalogs also have growing instructions as well.

So, with that happy holidays, and I'm dreaming of a new garden adventure for 2022