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  • Maybe parts of this film are too watered down to reach a wider and less adventurous range of viewers. But it's entertaining, it will get people laughing in the theater, and it will remind viewers that love develops in all shapes and sizes.
  • I know my review for this one is negative, but I'm confident saying the lighthearted breezy films are just as important to watch as the more serious, heavy films are. That's why I think Anyone But You could have been so much better.
  • The Holdovers is more than a funny, dark, heartwarming holiday treat. It's a warm hug to teachers everywhere and how they shape our childhoods (as well as our futures) for good. And who doesn't need a hug this time of year?
  • Because this film tries to lead viewers through so many different emotional hoops in a one hour and 43 minute run-time, What Happens Later is not emotionally engaging at all. It's also not emotionally realistic or creative.
  • This nihilist bent on the teen comedy feels so fresh, so crazy, and so aggressively energetic, it will delight many comedy lovers (especially dark comedy lovers.) Bottoms is a cringey, unpredictable addition to the growing wave of mainstream queer cinema that began last summer with the films Fire Island and Bros. I'm hoping this wave keeps gaining height.
  • I'm hoping Netflix, and all other streaming platforms out there, are ready to invest in films like this that have a pulpy grit and wonderfully three-dimensional performances.
  • This film is one half a plucky coming-of-age story and one half a battle of the sexes musical comedy. This isn't the movie of the year since Barbie was never a part of my childhood but it made me laugh and made me feel like I was part of an inclusive spirited party.
  • Joy Ride follows in the footsteps of the other female-centered comedies released earlier this year Book Club: The Next Chapter and Polite Society. The actual logistics of travel, wardrobe changes, and flawless hair and makeup are not tethered to reality in this film. But that's not a concern for this film, and its four female stars more than make up for it with their distinct charm and commitment.
  • The philosophical leanings in Asteroid City are not for everyone. But this remains a fun and endearing comedy to brighten anyone's summer visit to the movie theater.
  • Paint ends up being an example of what happens when you don't make enough decisions in a film's focus, its direction, and its identity. Maybe I just have the "wrong" sense of humor for this one.