Ivy Smith

  The holidays can be a hard time for foster care youth, especially young people who have recently aged out of the system. Ivy Smith, who is chair of the Idaho Foster Youth Advisory Board, was herself part of the foster care system.

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Idaho hospitals are rationing care because of the strain from the pandemic. Some groups are questioning the use of age as one of the determinants for who gets medical attention, or how promptly.

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An organization has rated Idaho lawmakers on how they voted for measures that affect children in the 2021 session. 

Nuclear Research Facility Near Idaho Falls
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The U.S. Senate has passed a massive infrastructure bill, and buried within the package is $12 billion for the nuclear industry, but critics said the money would be better spent elsewhere.

ID Partnership On 'Farmacy' Treats Food As Medicine

Jul 20, 2021
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Boise State University nursing students and the Idaho Foodbank are teaming up to establish healthy food as crucial medicine for Idahoans.

While watering lawns less can be done to conserve water during a drought, using less water isn’t always possible in agricultural operations. As water availability dwindles, some farmers are noticing decreases in their agricultural outputs.

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Summer usually coincides with a troubling spike in childhood hunger while kids are out of school, but a program set up during the pandemic could show the path to feeding more children every summer.

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An event in Idaho this week hopes to plant seeds for the sustainability movement in agriculture.

The Carbon Summit will be held at the College of Idaho in Caldwell Wednesday and Thursday, featuring speakers with a range of expertise.

ID Food Banks See Need Grow as Emergency SNAP Ends

May 26, 2021
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Food banks have seen increased need since pandemic-related food benefits expired in Idaho. The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare decided not to extend SNAP Emergency Allotments in the state, which were designed to increase benefits to the lowest-income households during the pandemic shutdown.


Families are flying kites in Idaho Friday to lift each other up during Mental Health Awareness Month.

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Idaho lawmakers are among the first in the country to attempt to ban critical race theory in public schools.

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Idaho child-care providers closed their doors and came to the doors of the Capitol this week to call on lawmakers to approve federal funding for their facilities.

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About one in three Idahoans who have federal student-loan debt would see it erased entirely if the Biden administration goes forward with a $10,000 forgiveness plan. That's according to analysis from the website Student Loan Hero.


Last week, Shelley High School in southern Idaho celebrated homecoming with the Russet Olympics, stirring controversy with photos of students celebrating in what appeared to be blackface.

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It's Child Abuse Prevention Month and this year the awareness campaign comes in the wake of a hard year with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Applications are open for AARP's Community Challenge grant program.

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A new documentary in Idaho looks at childhood trauma and how building resiliency can help protect people in adulthood.

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Saving for retirement is a struggle for many Idaho workers right now. A bill in the Idaho Legislature is aimed at making the process easier.

Simpson's Historic Plan Includes Key Water Quality Tools

Feb 17, 2021

A $33 billion infrastructure plan for the Northwest developed by Rep. Mike Simpson, R-Idaho, continues to shake up the region.

ID Ranchers Wrangle Up Meals for Idaho Foodbank in 2021

Feb 2, 2021
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A group of Idaho ranchers are riding to the rescue for people in need during the pandemic.

Experimental Nuclear Reactor Design Could Come To ID

Jan 25, 2021
Idaho National Laboratory

The public can weigh in this week on an experimental nuclear reactor which could be coming to the Idaho National Laboratory.

Summer Protests In Boise Mirror U.S Capitol Breaching

Jan 8, 2021
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Scenes of supporters of President Donald Trump breaking windows and breaching the U.S. Capitol shocked the nation this week - and were reminiscent of protests in Boise last summer.

ID Salmon Workgroup Ends, Considered 'Stepping Stone' Toward Recovery

Jan 5, 2021
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A group convened by Gov. Brad Little to address the dire situation for salmon and steelhead numbers has finalized its recommendations and should release a final report next month.

Behind Scenes, Poll Workers Led to Successful ID Election

Dec 30, 2020
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Election workers were the driving force behind a 2020 election that was like no other before it.

Shopping Isn't Over: One Week Left to Compare Medicare Drug Plans

Nov 30, 2020
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Idahoans may have shopped until they dropped over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, but Medicare enrollees have one last thing to shop for: a prescription drug plan.The open-enrollment period for Medicare Part D ends on Dec. 7, allowing folks to compare prices until then.

Analysis: Reopening No Cure for ID Families' Financial Struggles

Nov 17, 2020
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Despite a largely reopened state, Idaho families are struggling and expect the financial pain will continue.

Hunger Awareness Month: ID Orgs Go 'Above and Beyond'

Oct 29, 2020
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Idaho Governor Brad Little has issued a proclamation declaring October Hunger Awareness Month. The Idaho Hunger Relief Task Force and Idaho Foodbank are recognizing three organizations that have gone above and beyond to serve their communities during the pandemic.

Potential for New Nuclear Testing Brings Up Old Harms to Idahoans

Sep 1, 2020
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Restarting discussion about nuclear-weapons testing is on the table in Washington, D.C., even as Idaho still is waiting for recognition of the harms from testing in the 20th century.

Idaho AARP Working To Protect Older Voters

Aug 7, 2020

AARP is encouraging older Americans to get ready to vote this November. AARP Idaho has launched its "Protect Voters 50-Plus" campaign, to educate people about what they need to do to have their voices heard in this election.

Wanted: Poll Workers In Idaho for November's Unprecedented Election

Jul 27, 2020
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With the highest turnout for primaries in 40 years, Idaho's unique all-absentee election in May presented a challenge for the state.